Adrift – “Ollie” Feature

On August 11th Adrift released “Ollie.” A song driven by its a groovy bass line, paired alongside smooth hypnotic synths and peaceful piano leads. This was the debut release from the young artist and it was recently featured in Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlist. I recently had the opportunity to speak with him about the origins of Adrift, the writing process of “Ollie” and what’s on the horizon.

1. Tell us a bit about the origins of Adrift.     

Adrift is the culmination of me writing and experimenting over the past few years, without releasing any music. A few months ago I was struck with the inspiration to finally put some of that work out there, mainly sparked by the encouragement of friends. I generally have an insecurity surrounding my music, so that was the confidence boost I needed. Once I got in the mindset of releasing music I realized I’d been wasting a lot of time.


2. Tell us about your musical background.

I started out writing more rock oriented music around 10 years ago because that’s what I was into at the time. As my taste has evolved, so has my writing. Adrift has taken on more of an ambient electronic style. 


3. Tell us about the recording process for your debut single, “Ollie.” 

“Ollie” came about during the pandemic when I was starting to get really into sampling. Although it took awhile before I felt committed to making a complete song. It was initially just the main idea with the piano, drums, and flute. Once I decided to turn it into a full song everything else quickly fell into place.


4. Who are your current biggest musical inspirations?                                            

My music taste is kind of all over the place, but recently I’ve really been getting into Washed Out and Tycho. I just love the way that their music transports you to another place. I’ve also really been getting into the artist George Clanton recently. He makes this cool half vaporwave, half pop music. 


5. Do you see yourself performing live someday?                                              

Absolutely, I’ve been really focused on just putting content out on the internet right now, but live shows will come soon. You can find my videos on my Instagram and TikTok pages.


6. Name an artist from the Greater Lowell Area that has an upcoming release that you are looking forward to. 

I would have to pick The Shirts and Shoes. I saw them live a while back and was really impressed with their song, “Sweet Thang.” I’d love to hear what they’ve been up to.


7. What’s next for Adrift?

I am already planning a second release due out very soon! And am currently debating if I’ll be adding vocals to the music. In a broader sense, stay tuned for some music I’m really excited about.