Premiere: l.ucas – “Jackpot”

Today we are premiering “Jackpot” the latest offering from the producer and artist l.ucas!

On “Jackpot” Lucas DeLisle takes us into a meditative headspace where he discusses the challenges of balancing his creative life with his personal life. It has a distinctly dark pop sound, while built around an instrumental meshed with contemporary R&B influences;  a downtempo beat, a sparse piano melody, and smooth synths that make for the perfect backdrop to DeLisle’s melancholic lyrics. There’s a strong self-determination within him in regards to his music but some doubt when it comes to relationships; the lyrics refer to “hitting the numbers he wanted,” but follows it up with how DeLisle will “still do anything you want”. You only have to tell him. He wants to strengthen the relationships that mean the world to him, but also needs to “bring his hands back home alone” to perfect his craft. It’s clear that it’s hard for l.ucas to take a break from creating music whether it’s for his own project or with frequent collaborators Timi O, Layzi, & Meltycannon, and “Jackpot” is a fantastic example of how well rounded his songwriting and production has become.

As someone who has been following l.ucas’ music for a few years I can say definitively that this is his best release. The track is a great reminder to us all that immersing yourself into a creative passion can be exhausting to balance with your personal life but completely worth it.

You can listen to “Jackpot” via the link below!

Featured photo by: Macky Macguire