Review: Mynustheckat – Brain Colored Candy

Disclaimer: This review is biased because Jim Morrissey has been my friend and a source of personal inspiration for most of my life. A man that once woke me up at 4AM for no reason, by sneaking a stereo speaker into my room and then blasting the Jetsons theme song.

Jim first entered the Lowell scene in the 90s playing drums for The Quaker Cannons. He currently lives in Maine, but has kept his ties to Lowell playing in town with bands Nuclear Bootz,  Pissed Mystics, Big Fat Family, Jimmy Jacked, and by himself as Mynustheckat.

Long dormant as a project, Mynustheckat returns this year with BRAIN COLORED CANDY , a punk informed, melody driven, hook catching masterpiece of the underground. If you held a gun to my head and said I had to compare it to something I would say it is like Jay Reatard playing with Alice Donut, but I don’t imagine that would help.  

The opening song is an open love letter to Kellyanne Conway thoughtfully titled “Cuntyanne Cuntface”. With heartfelt lyrics such as “Your father’s sperm must be ashamed,” Jim expresses his deep feelings for this woman. His obvious distaste for his subject matter is fun, but that is not all the song brings. The ripping guitar grabs you head on with a metal like riff that would make Dave Mustaine jealous. This song is a perfect opening track because it demands your attention. 

The next song “Makeout On the Moon” actually is a love song and I’m not being sarcastic this time. It is a surprisingly enduring song about happily growing old together. In the song he is setting his relationship goal to makeout on the moon as a promise to never stop exploring love together. The song feels like 90s alt pop with surprising depth. 

Next up is my personal favorite track “Coronavirus (We’re All Gonna Die)”. This is not a song making fun of the virus. This song captures both the genuine fear of the future and the absurd buying panic that occurred during the beginning months of the outbreak. The character in the song is convinced that this is the end, but he is comforted by the knowledge that he can take a shit anytime he wishes it, because he has 100 rolls of toilet paper. The music and melody are an infectious hook. You may find yourself singing along to it on your first listen.

“Downsouth” is a dark dive into the despair of the South. The lyrics drive home how much Jim does not enjoy being in the south and always looks forward to leaving as soon as he gets there. The dark instrumentation drives home these feelings. The guitars are heavy like a weight on your back. It feels as if you are falling into despair itself like a whirlpool in a toilet bowl. You feel it pulling you down. The lyrics explain “Nothing ever changes there, except it only gets worse.”

The final track “Cat’s Follow” got its’ start as a rough, demo bonus track. It’s a gut wrenching song with a painful refrain “That’s the price you have to pay for being born.” Most of the song is about living in a household of hate. It is honest and relentless as it brings you into the loneliness of being raised without love. The songs title appears towards the end as he sings, “but I’m not alone as the cats follow me around.” It’s both enduring and painful; the love from the cats gets him through, but at an incredibly sad cost. If your eyes are dry after listening to this song you weren’t paying attention. 

Lockdown has sucked, but some good things came from it. BRAIN COLORED CANDY is one such good thing, and it is way better than the Jetsons theme song.

Trust me.