Have you ever seen an ugly baby?

Maybe their nose is weird or their ears too big, but for whatever reason, at first glance you think, “That is one ugly baby” but then the baby smiles and you realize how wrong you are. Suddenly the “weird” nose and “big” ears are not weird or big at all. Those imperfections that you saw at first are no longer imperfections; but have now become the reason why this baby is beautiful. It’s a magical moment when you go from seeing these flaws to realizing that they are assets. A moment in the universe where brilliance exists. Beauty found within the cracks.

If you could grab that moment when your perception changes and make it into music, you would have Dad Doxxxer.

Dad Doxxer is a new project from The Sad Milk Collective. On this recording the band consist of Ethan Lenhoff and Craig Robertson of Lessener (formerly Districts), and KIND!

The first track “CNN SNACK SONG” begins with a slight guitar hum and the soft spoken line “We’ll see if I remember the lyrics”. It’s a humble beginning that charms you immediately, and suddenly you feel like you are with them in the recording session. Then powerful loud guitars grab hold of you, and you’re now deep into it. The guitar has a fuzz sound that would make Mudhoney jealous while the melody is lo-fi pop perfection at its best. The opening lyrics  “I woke up and I went back to bed / I repeated this process for hours on end” set the stage. The impression of oneself as opposed to how others perceive you, appears to be an overriding theme in this song but that is not all to be found here. The juxtaposition of the vocals using two distinct voices, one following just behind the other, pulls you along. It makes you feel like you should be singing with them even if you don’t know the words yet. The song ends with the music dropping, but the haunting melody continuing as the last lines are sung with subtle almost staggered guitar accompaniment. 

The next song is “De Mari Pasta Dies (Or De Mari Pasta Lives)”. It’s reminiscent of a great blues song without actually being one. It doesn’t use a blues progression at all, but the feeling of the genre is there to hook you in. The juxtaposition singing style is here as well, but even more so. There seem to be several voices trying to keep up with the lead but falling slightly short. It sounds like the singer is possessed with the soul’s of lost artists and they are all singing along with him.

So at this point after hearing these two amazing songs, I was beginning to believe that I understood what this band was about. They have a unique yet distinct style, and I felt I knew what to expect from the last song, but I was absolutely wrong.

Holy shit, was I wrong.

The last song is wonderfully titled “Post Apocalyptic Late Stage Alienation End Time Blues (Thrift Store)” and this song is even more epic than its title. This song comes in pounding with intensity beyond anything you would have expected after the first two songs. It is wonderfully different, yet still obviously the same band. The power of the repeated phrase “I’m just a rich kid at the thrift store” grabs you by the neck and lets you know that this song demands your attention. It uses repeated lines of imagery layered upon each other, “soccer moms” and “a girl with long legs and an oversized sweater”, among others. This is my new favorite song, give it a listen and you will understand why. 

After the release of this recording the band has grown adding Ben Dickinson (Squash, Dead Towel, Disco Volante) and Jim Warren (Inspector 34, Squash). They Played their premiere show as a 4pc band on Sad Milk New Years Livestream Show. Their plan is to go forward as a 4-piece and I am eager to hear what is to come next from this Dad Doxxxer.  – Jim Phelps

Key Track “Post Apocalyptic Late StageAlienation End Time Blues (Thrift Store)”