An Anniversary We Didn’t Want: Songs in Isolation Part II

Unfortunately, the current state of things…is the current state of things. We’d much rather be organizing shows, but since we can’t, we are revisiting a segment from last year.  With that being said, we are launching Songs In Isolation Part II and are now seeking and accepting submissions from local artists for this collective playlist of fresh singles. The submission period opens with the publishing of this article and closes March 31, 2021. While not required, if able to, please include artwork with your single that fits 1500 x 1500.  To clarify a few other things:

1. Must be written/recorded during this quarantine life event.
2. Must be sent via email to info@lowellspin.com in a format we can easily download/upload (MP3 or Wav file). Please mention “Part II 2021” in the email.
3. Must be a “local” artist and by local we mean the general Lowell area

Submissions do not need to be professionally recorded, mixed, and mastered, as we assume most entries will be done in a DIY Home studio fashion. We also encourage you to provide some details regarding the writing and recording process. We’d love to hear about the mics, DAWs, interfaces, instruments, and techniques employed throughout your production process!