Review: Disco Volante – The Flowers Have Changed You​/Master Remote

I’m not saying they are prophets or time travelers, I’m just pointing out that in December of 2019 Disco Volante released an album called Reasons To Stay Home. Yes this was suspiciously prolific, but rather than jump into some conspiracy theory conjecture I think it best we chalk that up to coincidence and move on to their new release. On December 15, 2020 they released the single The Flowers Have Changed You / Master Remote.

“The Flowers Have Changed You” is not Cow Punk. It is instead what I thought of when I first heard the term Cow Punk. To be honest when I finally heard real Cow Punk I was a little let down, I mean it is cool and all, but not what I was hoping for. My imagined version of what Cow Punk should be faded into my musical fantasy world; until now. “The Flowers Have Changed You” is what I was hoping for when I had heard the term, a fast as hell western swing with punk intensity and a super fun melody. This song makes you want to jump in the back of a pick up truck and drive through a burning corn field screaming “Yee Haw Mother fuckers!”. All of this is great and would be more than enough reason to love this song except this is just the beginning.  

This song actually has three distinct parts. It starts off with that Western Swing punk awesomeness and then breaks down into a ripping section of classic riff rock. Playing off of the original musical theme, but strumming hard cords at a slower big balls swinging tempo. Here the song takes on a 70s rock feel, losing the pick up truck and the corn field. Now it sounds like being in a classic Camaro  cruising along the Hampton Beach strip as the full moon dips into the ocean in awe and reference to the power before it.

This ride is not over yet and this song is not finished with it’s surprises either. As it jumps back into the meat of the song it does it this time with pure garage punk. Rip-roaring along to the end with brutal power and confidence like a square grilled flat black Chevy Impala with spray painted logos and a back end covered in punk stickers,  smashing through a mall on Black Friday screaming at the startled shoppers. 

This is why I never used the phrase “a departure from their last album” because here they remind you exactly who Disco Volante is. 

The lyrics of “The Flowers Have Changed You” speak as a warning that without your action the world will pass you by. A warning against choosing comfort over experience, just “waiting for the world to pass you by”. The words do not hold back questioning the motives or lack of motivation in general. “Do you direct yourself when you don’t know where to go? Do you correct yourself with no direction?” As the song is coming to an end  it warns “You’ll have nothing when you leave this world behind” I can not tell if this is directed at a particular person or the listener in general, but the power of the message rings true either way. 

The B-side “Master Remote”  is 22 seconds of absolutely fun punk madness. Someone stole the singer’s master remote and he wants to know who it is. In fact the lyrics read as this “Alright alright alright who stole my master remote (like 4 or 5 times) was it you? (only one time)” I’m a huge fan of fast in-your-face songs with simple and direct meaning, so I absolutely love this tune. I would say more about it, but reading this paragraph would already take you twice as long as it would take you to hear the song. 

This is a band whose sound can simultaneously be called classic garage punk and the future of Punk. Disco Volante plans to record a second full length album that they are hoping to release this summer or early fall. They also have recently recorded some Nirvana covers for fun and plan on releasing that soon. If these two songs are a sign of what is to come, I can not wait to hear what that second album will be like.

– Jim Phelps