Best of 2020 Playlist

2020 was a difficult year made even more challenging with the lack of live local music that many of us thrive off of. However, this did not stop local artists from pressing the record button and releasing some amazing music. Truthfully, there were more great releases than we could have ever possibly highlighted. Here is just a small taste of some of the best releases from 2020.

This playlist features music from SoloArtist, Chi Tashi, l.ucas, Stella Starfox, Roser, oldsoul, The Shirts and Shoes, Zachary Boudrot, Wildcat Slim, Green Piece, Phil Cambra & The Space Cadets, Senseless Optimism, Hejune, cropze, Timi O ft. l.ucas & meltycanon, Alaina Ray, Andrew Marshal, Layzi, Wax On, Whiskey Duo, The Old Rochelle, Circus Trees, SkyTigers, Needle Play, and Fatigue.