5 QUESTIONS FOR: Trevor Sullivan of Bullpup

Featured photo by Bella Boutiette

On their BandCamp site, Bullpup describes their sound as “burlesque drama punk.” We’re not totally sure what that means, but a lot of theatricality and stagecraft can be heard in the Lowell quintet’s distinct blend of emo-punk revival, which equally invokes the sounds of Midwestern veterans like The Get Up Kids, with a working class sensibility not unlike that of the Hold Steady. At the forefront of the group is guitarist/vocalist Trevor Sullivan who will surely have some choice answers for…


1. What’s the last GREAT album you’ve recently listened to?

The Baby by Samia. I have listened to that record probably 40-50 times at this point and it is wildly outside my wheelhouse but has grabbed me big time. God-tier lyricism and vocal control. And the instrumentation is ambient and fun which I love. Usually ambient stuff bores me but this album rips dick.

2. What band or artist would you most like to share a bill or collaborate with?

My dream bill right now is Bullpup, Wax On, Lilac Queen, and Circlebrooke of our next album release could be that bill I’d sob.

In terms of features I’ve been really fortunate to collab with some of my local heroes recently RJ from Circlebrooke and Glynnis from Shallow Pools but I’d say it’s getting overdo for me and Joanna from Runaway After Dark to sing on something together. I’d really like to be able to goth out with the homie.

3. What passions and hobbies do you follow outside of music?

Interviewing and podcasting! Death To Scene had a huge wrench thrown in it by covid but we have kept up with the monthly long form interview show at least until things return to normalcy. I think the casual and intimate interview format is a better way to learn new things than any class or book can teach you. Something about that one on one conversation and really delving into others arts and thought process fascinated me to no end.

4. What’s the one thing about the music scene as a whole you’d like to change?

The blatant exclusivity. It shows its face in many ways whether it be cliques, genres, gender, LGBTQ+, race, age, experience, or even where you go to school. It sucks. So many bands/artists miss out on getting their name out there or experience because people just won’t book or talk to each other. It’s hard to expect an okay band to get any better without letting them play in front of a crowd and getting that feedback, who knows they might blow up in a month and remember who gave them a chance in the first place. I think when it leans more towards a scene and less towards a community you’re doing things wrong and I’ve seen it first hand in a lot of different circles. If someone is a good person, why can’t we step out of our boxes and put on an interesting, diverse show? I dunno it’s a bit of a rant but I truly wish we could just take better care of each other and leave the egos at the $5 doors.

5. If you could hang with any living musician, who would it be?

(This question comes from the previous 5 Questions interview Samantha Hartzel)

Nate Hardy from Microwave. I think between his philosophy, musical ability and approach to production I could learn a lot about a lot of different things from that guy.

Bullpup are currently working on a new LP due out mid-2021 titled be evil, in collaboration with former Venetia Fair guitarist Mike Abiuso. Their most recent material, including their 2020 EP Love In A Fugue state, can be found via their BandCamp page.

– Lilz Martin