Review: Class President – Ellipses

Drifting, pausing, distance, trailing, gaps, spaces. Class President’s new EP Ellipses captures the restless vibes that many of us feel these days—spaced out from people, places, and ourselves, but, you know, kind of feeling like dancing if the mood strikes. A carefree desperation, if you will.

Class President is a new project from Evan Kelley, Eddie O’Sullivan, and Cullen Ryan, a self-described fun indie rock band from MA, (and it’s true, they’re fun and they’re from Massachusetts). The trio have crafted an EP that doesn’t lose an ounce of electric, melodic bliss across its four tracks. Bounce your shaking, prickly legs along with the guitars of opening track “Wander” and see if you aren’t eventually compelled to jump up and down on your bed. 

“I Need a Break” continues Class President’s lyrical journey of aimless drifting and veers into the dark waters of thinking about too much for too long. Bass, drum, and guitar surge on the choral peaks of, “I need a break, there’s not much more I can take,” which is a tasty bit of ambiguity. Does the singer need a break, or are those the last words of the lover who went away?

Recollections of early to mid-aughts pop-punk are imprinted on the cheerful “Miles Away,” a track that does not hesitate to get down to business. But title track “Ellipses” is where the EP does settle down to take a breather before going in for the kill. Then, the song takes another breath, almost like it’s running mental intervals to reflect on the “well, where do we go from here?,” before punctuating the affair with a rousing close at the 3:40 mark.

Ellipses is the perfect listen for when you need to cope with agitation, nascent loneliness, or just bop your head to something that is extremely pleasant and, as advertised, fun. And when we ultimately crawl out of our cubbies and squint our eyes at the stage lights after being in the dark for so long, Class President is on hand to shepherd us back to having a good time.

– Caitlin Malcuit

Featured photo by Molly Whitmore