Photo by Adam Parshall

Happy Anniversary – A Letter from the Editor

Well we’ve survived another year and what a year it’s been. Happy anniversary Lowell Spin! Normally, this is the time of year we’d throw a free show at The Worthen, order a bunch of food for the staff, and celebrate all of our accomplishments. However, this year that’s obviously not going to happen. Instead I just want to take a moment to thank every single staff member who has helped Lowell Spin promote local music throughout this challenging year.

Since our anniversary last September we’ve done a lot. First and foremost, you’re reading this on a brand new site! The process of building a new site started all the way back in the summer of 2019 and we were able to complete the project in the spring of 2020. A big thank you to Redefined who were able to help us achieve our vision along with many great additional plans for the future.

Our writers have been busy over the last year, producing over 100+ articles to promote local bands and artists.

While we certainly did not hold as many events as we would have because of Covid, we still were able to hold 15 events involving 77 bands and artists. These events ranged from acoustic shows,  hip hop shows, rock shows, virtual shows, an all ages show series, to multiple charity fundraising shows. We even created a brand new venue option at Olympia Restaurant in their Acropolis Room. We really look forward to throwing more shows again. Hopefully in 2021!

We were nominated for a Boston Music Award under the category of Music Publication of the Year (for the 2nd time)! We didn’t win, but it’s still nice to be included along such great publications as Vanyaland, Allston Pudding, and the many others which inspired our own creation.

Unfortunately this year was suppose to include a handful of events, surprises, and initiatives we cannot list due to the life disruption we all faced together. The good news is, this time has allowed us to pivot away from those plans and onto other new and exciting ideas. Here’s a preview of what to expect coming down the road:

1.) We’ve always dabbled with covering artists from the North Shore. Salem has always felt like a sister city to Lowell with many aspects of integration and overlap between the two areas. We’re now declaring that our coverage happily sits in the 978 area code which will include the North Shore going forward. While we certainly will always prioritize artists from the Greater Lowell area, we feel a slight expansion allows us to retain our original goal of providing music coverage north of Boston. So with that being said, North Shore artists, feel free to hit us up!

2.) We always thought about creating some fun Lowell Spin merch but were too busy doing other things. Since we now have a little extra time because we haven’t been able to put on events, the merch is coming a lot sooner than we had planned!

3.) We had a fundraising show series planned for the fall. Unfortunately we are not able to do that but it forced us to get a lot more creative. We’re putting together a charitable “event” to be announced later this fall which we can’t wait to reveal …

Lastly, thank YOU to all those who support our efforts. We deeply appreciate every read, like, share, and event attendance. We put a lot of work into what we do and it entails more challenges than we could have ever imagined. Why do we do it? Because we continue to be inspired by all the wonderful local music we want people to hear and by those who put in the effort to keep it going.

Happy anniversary again. See you throughout Year 4!

-Joel Gray (Editor-in-Chief)