Review: Kofi The Spiderman – Love Me / Love Me Not

Fresh off the release of his Hunger Games single, Arty $lang collective member Kofi The Spiderman comes through with a full length chock full of off time emotional hip hop that will get you caught up in your feelings.

Featuring slick production from the Mad Hatter himself & Rainman, the record is a journey through an awesome mix of trip hop beats and melodic bap that blends together perfect for a cohesive effort. While the whole Arty $lang collective have become a record factory of quality releases as of late, Kofi has gone and made a an eleven song effort that will stand the test of time when it comes to Lowell Art rap scene, if not redefine it.

Lyrically, Kofi is an open book talking about issues from a common man’s perspective and not screaming from ivory towers about things we don’t care about. It’s relatable, grimy and real as he wears his heart on his sleeve throughout the entire duration of the record. Although odd time signatures and off kilter beats might deter some, Kofi shines bright and makes them his own. Any fan of hip hop will truly appreciate his unique flow and sincerity which he brings to the table.

While Kofi The Spiderman (and Arty $lang for that matter) have an extensive discography, this could be considered one of his finest efforts that brings together everything prior brought to the table mixed into one outstanding record that covers all bases. Grab your nicest pair of shades and get wavy to this instant Lowell classic.

-Troy Nicholson

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