Lowell Spin Re-Launch Live Stream

Celebrating the launch and partnership with Redefined

We started The Lowell Spin in 2017. Since then we have shared 300+ articles, hosted 66 events, organized several charitable fundraisers, and secured two Boston Music Awards nominations. And now we are ready to take the next step.

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve entered into an official partnership with Redefined. The move will see our coverage of the Lowell music scene be taken to the next level; with more news, reviews, and live events.

And what’s a launch party without live music? We’re glad you asked. Join us at 8pm tonight (May 15th) for a live stream event featuring some of Lowell’s finest.

Live Performances by:

8:10pm | Phil Cambra
8:35pm | Whiskey Duo
9:00pm | J Faith
9:25pm | JoE GriZzLy
9:50pm | blindspot
10:15pm | Circus Trees