Review: Bitter Pill – “Desperate Times”

In this everchanging world, full of double talk & minor infractions, little rationalization is needed to understand why Bitter Pills new single “Desperate Times” is the exact pick-me-up we were looking for. Released in late March, this release falls on the eve of their upcoming second full length, Desperate Times on the NH State Line. A macabre outfit; paired with severed heads & white face paint, are always eager to make sure their audience is paying attention. Full of what reads as stage antics & whimsy is actually an homage to late vaudevillian heroes such as Cab Calloway & blues artists like Lead Belly. Their inaugural release Prepare Your Throats, a collected work of originals & traditional folklore tunes, is pivoted for the staging of William Shakespeare’s bastard son “Titus Andronicus”. If Tom Waits & Dusty Springfield needed to meet in an undisclosed location, beneath the city in a wind tunnel, Bitter Pill would be the backup band playing in the terminal. Thematic & enveloping, Bitter Pill is  a whole mood to get lost in. With a new age of virtual concerts, this band of undead banjo thumpers are keeping up & giving you more than you bargained for. Are you ready to swallow this Bitter Pill?

From a housewife micro-dosing on psychdelic mushrooms to gulping an Orange Julius in the White House food court, Bitter Pill sets the stage for happily affirming the utter weirdiest of today’s social current climate. Heightened by homegrown anxiety & hope for political unification, we find ourselves letting loose to Bitter Pill’s raucous guitar riffs – each full of swing & the kind of shake that you could only do in the comfort of your own home. Listening to this song, accidentally on Spotify shuffle with my other “Liked Songs”, just after The Clash’s “Know Your Rights” seemed eerily deliberate on my algorithm’s part. This song is conjoined to an outcry. It’s meant to help us feel more together in a brand new age of “AH! Live music is under absolute siege!”. Seamingly just a changing of format, Bitter Pill’s managed an easy transition, manuevered well with quick slight of hand.

Check out Bitter Pill’s Facebook page below for their upcoming VIRTUAL CONCERTS on May 9th, 16th, & 23rd! They will be gradually releasing singles from their upcoming album over this medium, making it easy to enjoy a nice bottle of wine while eating some load mashed potatoes, & listening to some saucy, locally grown tuneage that makes you forget about anyone’s white blood cell count. Take a moment to remember, “these are desperate times”!