Review: Slow Loris – [Self-Titled] EP

The New Year rattled off with a quality release from Lowell locals Slow Loris. Self-described as an alternative group, this collective of UML students put out a self-titled release that I like to think of as bedroom jazz; “bedroom” from the EP’s easy-listening, pop character, and “jazz” from the chord changes in solo sections. 

I first caught the band playing out at The Glitterbox in February of 2019 and felt, as I still feel, that they maintain excellent stage presence and set a pleasant mood for live listening. What you hear is exactly what you get, and that remains true for this release. 

Overall, the release features a very tame, relaxed sound with a clean and crisp stereo image. The bass and drums match very well together, solidifying the foundation for each song. But, these elements never transgress against the rounded guitar licks or tasteful horn lines. Warren Niles Potts’ vocals are catchy, melodic, and memorable – a great layer on top of stable and cohesive music. This is especially evident in the choruses throughout the release.

Marko Deparalta’s graceful piano parts serve the music well by coloring up the space (albeit with a little tongue-in-cheek humor hidden somewhere in the piano solo [not telling you where, but thank you Adam Neely]).

Each of these elements coalesce in the release’s key track, “Lies to Myself”. Traversing between energetic instrumental lilts and concise, rhythmic stomping, the track’s dynamics pose an interesting sonic dimension and demonstrate the group’s strategic songwriting abilities. 

Keep an eye open and an ear to the ground for more announcements from these cats in the coming months! 

-Luke Pelletier

You can catch Slow Loris live at The Worthen Attic this coming Valentine’s Day