Get Sad, Drink Your Milk: Sad Milk Collective

Itching for more content from your favorite Lowell staples? Are you tired of waiting for Squash new LP to drop? Need to just sit down and ingest the lactose you know will inevitably destroy you? If so, get stoked & get ready to see what The Sad Milk Collective has in store for you this winter.

The Sad Milk Collective is made of many Lowell musicians, running the gambit from Inspector 34 to Dad Doxxer, from Big Mess to Squash, and other affiliates you’ve seen across the city. They perform in several groups, using different aliases and cross-pollinating with other musicians to create new sounds and new spins. It’s primarily remotely recorded with some sessions at Kame House, Jimm Warren’s house. He does a lot of the mixing for these collaborations. It serves it’s purpose as an umbrella, that of a label, to house these projects.

Under Sad Milk, at least twice a month, these musicians will collaborate to upload a single that is only accessible to Patreon users! This includes video of recording, mixing, and it’s final presentation as an exclusive single to paying contributors. Using Patreon’s format, there are tiered levels of monthly sponsorship. From “Cheap Sad Milky Baby”, a $1.00 commitment that could lead to cheeky responses to a “Sad Patreon”, a $3.00 charge for a bi-weekly exclusive single that just might not come up on any other search engine results. Beyond that, a “Milk Patreon” will get something tactile! You heard me!

They will send you a T H I N G in the M A I L.

That’s pretty spicy for just $5. You already have a DisneyPlus subscription. If you love Baby Yoda, you have room for some Sad Milk TLC.

To really seal the deal, subscribers at the $8 level or above will be sent a copy of a never before released 7″ Big Mess/Inspector 34 split record! This little guy has some Harry Belafonte and Woody Guthrie songs, swapping singers for each rendition. This is cool. This kind of fun doesn’t happen all the time and the fact that Sad Milk is taking to Patreon with this is exciting news. It’s wild because these are limited edition pressings that will probably only come around once.

A word from the Sad Milk family:

“We all make very different kinds of music and sounds and this is an exciting way to combine our efforts in new configurations and share it with the people! It is incredibly hard to make a living making music. We all have day jobs (and need) to pay the bills. The funds raised here will go towards paying for physical releases and tours so that our music can at least be self-sustaining if not profitable. Thank you so much for your support, we so sincerely appreciate any little bit you can spare.”

When they hit 50 subscribers, expect a Sad Milk benefit show on the horizon. When they hit 100 subscribers, they will change their recording routine to a weekly upload. Now, you guessed it, once they hit 500 subscribers, this could turn into a full on Sad Milk tour. This can all be made possible with your subscriptions & willingness to help local music grow.

So help Sad Milk’s sweet & silky dreams come true and help make them a proper label. All it takes is a little support from folks who give a hoot. If you’re sad & craving lactose & exclusivity, now you know where to find it.


-Alyssa Aileen Vautier