Premiere: Cassie Pearl – s/t

Slated for a later release, Cassie Pearl‘s self titled EP tumbled it’s way into our eardrums earlier than intended. Cassie Pearl has created a yummy taste of glitchy pop, using relatable lyrical content that puts you in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, post tunnel ride downstream. Trappy, crushy beats guide you on a carousel of nostalgia of the night before. Layered with compounded drunken exchanges & wind chimes assert a feeling of whirling, there’s a dithering sense of joy amidst chaos as each track plays out.

Pearl’s driving electro pop tracks; EDM driven with catharsis entangled, shows a distain for nihilism. It’s easy to discern that maybe this all means nothing – but what about for right now? Can’t right now be enough? “I’m drunkly confessing that I think I feel a spark//Will it be enough to scare away the dark?”
Pearl’s work holds that same absurdity & bitterness like that of Lily Allen’s “LDN” or Kate Nash’s “Dickhead”. There’s bleakness in life’s brevity & inevitable heartbreak but wouldn’t it be more fun to stick your tongue out at it? That sultry yet digitized comfort & reassurance in Pearl’s voice is just intoxicating. There’s bluntness without any need for yelling or cussing.

For a 3 song EP, it felt like there needed to be at least 4 more songs to complete the story. There seems to be a Fruit Roll-up that’s slowly unfolding into your ears before someone bites off the end of it and you’re left stuffed with high fructose corn syrup. That’s just cheeky and smart, if you ask me.
Check out Cassie Pearl’s self titled EP on Spotify if you haven’t! Head to the links below to hear more material from this Berklee scratchbird! Follow them on Facebook & Instagram if you give a hoot too! -Alyssa Aileen Vautier