Interview with The Composer

The Composer was interviewed by the Lowell Spin to talk about his recently released EP, Bedtime Stories and his future plans.

What’s going on right now? –

I had the EP this year and since then I’ve been dropping stuff as it comes. I would say I’m still in the infant stages of what I would like to do. Right now, I’m just revisiting music that I have that I’m trying to get ready for release and preparing to expand on The Composer in general.

How do you come up with ideas? –

I’ll just start singing in the shower.  As soon as I sing something, and I think like this is a little interesting I’ll stop, and I’ll record voice memos on my phone.

Recently certain songs have become much more concrete very quickly.  Like “Stars in my Room” came to me in about a span of a few nights because I just looked up in my dorm room and there’s ton of Christmas lights up and it was dark, and I started thinking about stars.

How do you feel about performing? –

Oh man. Well when I started out not great. I used to really dread performing.  I never considered myself a solo artist until recently, I was always part of a choir. So, I was always had people surrounding me all the time. And even when we had solos you would have 40 people behind you and you would have your conductor in front of you and it’s not really that bad it’s not a big amount of pressure, but even then, I would still feel like my heart’s pumping and my hands shaking.

But I like I like the connection that you can make with the audience when performing I think that is what makes me get through things.

Because they heard the music on the radio. They’ve heard the music on whatever streaming device. They saw the lyrics they all these things like that, but they haven’t seen the person, or they haven’t seen me sing this song in front of them right then.

So what can I portray right now that they didn’t get from the radio or from everything else?  And how can I make it special for that one person or like that one crowd in that moment. You don’t think about a lot want to just do it and for me I just go for if I make a mistake. I just keep going I used to stop when I made mistakes, but not anymore.

What’s next? –

I am looking to play shows more consistently and really get the composer as a name now to people and trying to grow it as a brand to get it to as many people as possible and let them know I’m a musician that wants to inspire people and make them think about the world a little differently.  I feel like even though things may feel like they aren’t great there’s a real benefit to see the glass being half full at some point and we need to see that.

How do you feel about the Lowell scene in general? –

I think it’s quite nice. I don’t think I’ve fully explored it yet.  I’m starting to learn.

The Worthen Attic is so so nice. Cayla Johnson’s been really supportive of me. She hosts events at the Worthen Attic and she’s done a fantastic job. And I’m very glad I got to know her, and being a part of some of her events so far has just been really great. I’ve definitely had my breath taken away. There are certain players that are just amazing and phenomenal and they inspire me to get better. 

– Joe Keane