Review: Wax On – “Congratulations! (So How Is That Band At the Glitterbox)”

Lowell’s experimental rock darlings Wax On have released the perfect song for your end of summer soundtrack that will keep your feet tapping as you find yourself counting numbers 21 through 23 for days to come.

Transplanting from the Rhode Island area a little while back and quickly becoming mainstays in the Lowell music scene, Wax On are one of the best kept secrets in the area depending on who you ask. While somewhat hard to describe, they blend many flavors across the spectrum of punk, alternative and rock into a sound that needs to be heard live before to truly appreciate.

They recently just got back from a lengthy tour and after last year’s opus of a record Homework; they have followed up with the drop of their new single “Congratulations! (So How Is That Band At the Glitterbox?)”. It has a head bobbing feel and elements of 90’s grunge that can’t be ignored. Overall, perfect timing and song to follow up on last year’s output. This song will keep you counting for days. In this staffer’s humble opinion, it would be in your best interest to keep an eye on the future for one of the most interesting bands Lowell has to offer. -Troy Nicholson