Review: You’re Fired – Forgetmenow

In a national landscape where songs like Panic! at the Disco’s “High Hopes” earn yearlong runs on popularity charts by warping rock roots into superficial pop sounds, Dracut’s You’re Fired dropped one of the best local songs in recent memory. But this is no uplifting pop anthem. 

No, more like an early Panic! emo wail, “Forgetmenow” is a spooky drama tracing the story of a man framed for murder using thumping bass, haunting high end electric-organ sounds and, of course, Brandon Urie esque vocals. 

The song and its corresponding video are, in short, glam rock, spook pop masterpieces. The video opens with credits written in cartoonish dripping blood font. From there, it introduces band members and protagonists Nolan Grzeg and Joe DeSalvo. They’re dancing in a nail salon with one wearing a scintillating sequined blazer. 

From there, we see classic glam tropes especially in later scenes featuring one band member in a wig and dress in a satire of a cookie show. Beyoung their flouting of gender norms, however, the most prominent, glam/spook aspects of this video fringe on the absurd. 

We see scenes where band members drink soup straight from the can and brush their teeth with chicken wings. They dance in front of a crudely drawn 20 foot long piano keyboard, then appear on a mock tabloid cover. 

The video flashes a fake infomercial across the screen around the songs bridge, advertising what looks like a guitar strap for the cost of five payments of $4.20. Immediately after that previously mentioned chicken wing toothbrush scene, we see the band sitting down to eat what looks like a bowl of cereal only to find them instead pouring a handful of brightly colored pills out of a Cheerios box. 

Back on the topic of song itself, however, You’re Fired exudes an endearing sense of duality on “Forgetmenow”. Yes, there are guitars, a bass, and plenty of dubbing on top of all of that, but in terms of the mix, the drums and that aforementioned electric organ are by far the most prominent sounds. Coming from the pairing of just Grzeg and DeSalvo, that plays as artful simplicity, further enhancing this track. 

Relatively new to the scene having dropped their debut EP in 2017 and the “Forgetmenow” audio track back in November of last year, You’re Fire have made a splash with their recent video. They’re currently nominated for song and music video of the year and have gigged heavily throughout 2019. 

All this proves yet again that there’s an appetite, both locally, and nationally for this type of music. Fusions of glam, spook and emo themes get clicks, fans and streams without unnecessary filtration through the contemporary pop machine. You’re Fired clearly knows that.

~ Dakota Antelman