Review: Layzi – Singles

Why is it some of the best music out there is the least publicized? However, isn’t that what makes a gem a true gem? Something hidden. Something rare. Something special. Carissa Myre of Tewksbury’s school shoes has been releasing a song here, a song there, throughout the better part of 2019 under the solo alias Layzi, and they’re some of the best songs I’ve heard this year so far.

“Dream Walking” sonically sounds exactly how it’s titled; it’s as if you’re in a dream state. However, the song’s dream state is not from sleeping itself but quite the opposite; it’s the haze that comes with not sleeping at all. Clocking in at only a minute and forty seconds, the track provides a short introduction to the low-fi pop world of Layzi.

“Different” is a much more uptempo song with thumping drums along with quiet dreamy instrumentation. Some of the guitar work reminds me of being on a beach somewhere in Mexico with a morning fog rolling in. “Different”‘s lyrics describe the frustrations and disappointments which can come with a relationship after the honeymoon phase has ended, something anyone can relate to at one point or another.

As if not by coincidence, the follow up single “sit at home” is a much more self-positive song in both sound and lyrical content. Like many Layzi songs, the instrumentation isn’t particularly complex nor is Myre’s voice particularly powerful. However, the song construction, well placed stops, instrumental and vocal melodies, and quiet and comforting singing can only be described as phenomenal song writing. Just as Billie Eilish has recently proven, it doesn’t take a loud singing voice to be a great singer when your vocal melodies are well placed, and Myre has such natural ability. The song repeats the line “I need some time on my own” and emphasizes the value of not needing anyone else around. While this may have likely meant in terms of personal life, the same could be applied for Myre’s solo music as well.

Lastly, the most recent Layzi release to date is a cover of the Radiator Hospital’s “Fireworks”. Though I was initially unfamiliar with the original track, I did make an effort to listen to it in hopes of providing a proper critique of Layzi’s rendition. It was a confusing journey at first as I was unaware that the band had released two different versions of the same song with two different members providing the vocals. All in all though, I can see why Myre may have chosen this specific cover as the lofi solo nature of both originals fits the general motif Layzi has been aiming for. It was a seemingly safe cover that was well executed.

It’s hard to rise as a band and probably even harder as a solo artist. However, looking at the rise of Boston’s Sidney Gish as an example makes me think that maybe someday Layzi could follow in those same footsteps. – Joel Gray