Review: More Beer Please x Kermit’s Finger split 10”

Loud, dirty and as aggressive as the summer heat in Massachusetts, the vinyl release of Lowell’s own punk mainstays More Beer Please new split with Boston’s Kermit’s Finger will leave you thirsty for another one.

Since their formation all the way back in 2006, MBP as they’ve come to be known, have been holding down the Lowell punk scene with their own style akin to early genre rippers like The Freeze & Gang Green. With founding members Dan McCarron (Drums), Chad Shirley  (Vox/Guitar) & Matt Roy (Guitar/Vox) ever present on this recording, the three songs offered up on their side are furious in pace and don’t let up. It’s not always a compliment to say a punk record sounds good but the mastering on this record plays well and makes for a great vinyl spin. The art is notable and comes with a nice lyric sheet so you can scream along while listening. The overall recordings sound great while showing the progression of the band and of MBP’s arguably best release to date.

While all the MBP songs get the blood going on their side, one could argue the highlight of the record is “A Tale of Two Shitties”. The song is a straight skateboard anthem made for nice weather and a cold beer. At the time of writing this, the song is available as a free download on their Bandcamp which is where you can also grab a copy of the vinyl. Highly recommended.

Oh the flip-side of the record is Boston’s own Kermit’s Fingers offering up three of their own songs. The songs are loud, the music is fuzzy and the vocals are low screamed.  It really is a perfect complement to MBP’s side in many ways which always made a split a winner for me.

Overall, this is a great split coming from some of the best punk outfits the area has to offer. It’s always awesome to see punk bands continue on the tradition of releasing a split 10”. The music is frantic, the vinyl screams and the packaging is top notch. Simple directions for recommended listening; Grab your skateboard, pound a cold one and play this at the loudest possible volume.

– Troy Nicholson