The Souls of Lowell Hit the Sinclair

It’s a good time to be a band from Lowell. It’s an even better time to be a one of the “souls” of Lowell. For the uninitiated, I’m talking about oldsoul and Corner Soul.

Both bands have blazed different paths. One primarily formed at UMass Lowell, the other formed having grown up in the city. One whose songs give you a feeling in your gut that is both sad and comforting, one who makes you get up and dance. With such differences, do they have anything in common beyond the name and location?

These bands have a ton in common. Both bands have strong fan bases, both have a roster of incredibly talented musicians, both have faced lineup tweaks, and both are playing the Sinclair this summer.

Corner Soul has had a successful year thus far. They started by getting up voted to #1 on Boston Emissions, frequently. They then capitalized on the momentum by jumping into the fray of the well known Boston institution, the Rock and Roll Rumble (a historic and friendly competition which has helped spring board many bands), wildcarding all the way into the finals. Oh yeah, and they dropped a banger of a new album too.

oldsoul has had a different kind of year. While coming off a banner year of 2018 having dropped their first LP Coy to much acclaim, 2019 started off with an immediate need of finding a new bass player. Thankfully the void was eventually filled by Chance Wells (formerly of Buttons and Mindy, Good Game, among others). With their new lineup solidified, oldsoul has recently recorded a follow up to 2018’s Coy with an anticipated fall release. Given the teasers and new songs which we’ve heard live thus far, there is little doubt that we’re in for an amazing release.

Despite the different paths, both these bands will be hitting the Sinclair and that’s not a coincidence because if you were to take a poll of who the best bands out of Lowell are, there’s a good chance you’d be hearing these two names.

oldsoul will be performing at the Sinclair July 17th along with other Counter Intuitive Records connected bands like Prince Daddy & The Hyena and Retirement Party.

Corner Soul will be performing at the Sinclair roughly two weeks later, August 3rd, along with other Rock and Roll Rumble connected bands such as a reunited Waltham, Set Fire, Abbie Barrett, and Old Jack.

Will these bands become the next Lowell band to break out? The next Shods? The next PVRIS? Only time will tell. If there’s one thing that’s certain though, they both have enough talent and momentum to be a good bet.

– Joel Gray

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