Yellowhammer Fest – Help Abortion Accessibility


Get fired up and help support Kelsey DiCicco of The Worthen Attic organize one of the most important two day festivals of the season. On August 9th and 10th, The Worthen Attic is slated to be hosting Yellowhammer Fest: a two day outdoor festival geared toward raising money to fight for abortion access. This can only happen IF(WHEN) we decide to pool resources and crowdfund this project. This event’s capacity potential ranges up to 400 people or more, just based on moving it to an outdoor setting. Incorporating an inclusive audience, the Worthen is raising it’s visibility tenfold, creating a natural benefit to the Lowell community. Donate to Kelsey’s Indiegogo page to help offset the cost of the festival – i.e. permit applications, barricades, emergency service personnel, staging/lighting, sound technicians, and restroom facilitation. The majority of this cost has to be paid before the event goes up! All ticket, merch, and raffle sales will 100% go directly to The Yellowhammer Fund.

“The year 2019 has seen nine new laws heavily restricting the right to abortions across the US (https://tinylink.net/AVpQR).  The Worthen will be throwing a two-day outdoor music festival, August 9th and 10th of this summer and donating 100% of the proceeds directly to the Yellowhammer fund as a response to our disgust at these new restrictive laws.” -Kelsey DiCicco

These laws are taking away critical, bodily autonomy from people in dire need of these services. Folks are experiencing reproductive injustice; leaving no other option other than to perpetuate a cycle of systemic prejudice and economic oppression. This leads to uncertified, unethical abortion techniques – jeopardizing the safety and livelihood of women’s health. The option to have an abortion is an inherently human choice for all citizens. The Yellowhammer Fund creates an avenue of accessibility, which new legislation has tried to roadblock.

Support the Worthen Attic & The Yellowhammer Fund by clicking the link below and pledging to get this event off the ground! Anything and everything helps in a time like this. Check out the pledge perks you can earn from donating to Yellowhammer Fest! Get a T-shirt, poster or festival package when you donate today!


More information on the Yellowhammer Fund and their fight for abortion rights can be found at the links below.






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-Alyssa Aileen Vautier