Emo Night … Lowell?

Take to Lowell’s downtown with the intent of reveling in some of your favorite guilty pleasures! Yes, yummy craft beer and tasty hot ‘za is flowing and rising at UnchARTed – but also some of the tastiest ear candy you can remember. Those formulative years, listening to Max Bemis wail Alive With The Glory of Love until your parents took that Sony boombox away? Or knowing every word to From Under Corktree, having to tell your friends that This Ain’t a Scene? There’s more where that came from.

Enjoy Emo Night Boston at UnchARTed on Friday, July 5th starting at 9 PM! Come enjoy DJ sets from Luke O’Neil and Nick Grieco – spinning records that’ll you know and love across the whole Emo genre!

Dance. I dare you.

Please do it. This is the spot to do that thing! The point of something as joyful and wholesome as this means you can have a great time just being goddamn smitten with it. The evening is meant to draw up old trash feelings of yesteryear and also the community within learning the depth of the genre, remembering the necessity of it’s growth. Plenty of genuinely influence bands exploded from the movement – American Football, The Hotelier, A Great Pile of Leaves. The list goes on.

Reconnecting over bands you honestly love, then sharing  that with the people you love is Emo Night Boston’s objective.

“Anyone who is actually interested in Emo Nights should also know that there are a lot of really great NEW Emo artists that are constantly looking for fresh ears, and they’re easy to find. If you’re excited to go to one of our events, I encourage attendees to share that same passion at actual shows with actual bands who are working way harder than us to bring you the music that you already enjoy.” -Nick Grieco

Come out, give feedback and be a part of growing this event’s success in nostalgia. You’ll feel good about it! How many times have you gobbled up pizza with your pals, listening to outrageously indulgent music you crave screaming at the top of your lungs? You and I both did that last night, just by ourselves.

Come to Emo Night Boston at UnChARTed on Friday, July 5th doors opening at 8 PM for hot Emo bangers and do a few bops. Click the links below for more details. You know you’re curious if you got this far.

-Alyssa Vautier

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