A Lowell Spin News Update

It’s been awhile since we’ve done a general update on the state of things and we certainly have plenty of news to share. Here’s a list of things going on with us at The Lowell Spin:

Updates to the site: We’ve made a bunch of small changes to the site over the last few months. For starters, there’s an entire new section called Support Us which is pretty self-explanatory for the most part. The Amazon link is something we had to apply to Amazon to obtain and gives us a small “finders fee” % of a sale. It doesn’t cost you anything extra so please bookmark it and use it to make purchases. If you want any more details just go to Amazon.com and look up their Amazon Affiliate program. It’s a very legit and real thing which would help us out a ton. We’ve added a FAQ section to the About section and a minor Terms of Service in the bottom menu (pretty standard website language, nothing fancy). The Staff section has been updated to reflect current staff and some various social media links have been added.

Showraiser series: We’re putting on a series of shows to help raise funds for our site/organization. To be frank, we have a several ideas of things we want to do which we believe will help the general Lowell music scene, expand the content on our site, and to make updates and fixes to the site itself. All of this is going to cost money. The fact that we’ve been able to do what we’ve already done on a shoestring budget is something we’re proud of but without funding, we’re pretty limited at this point. The first show in the series event is here with the plan on making it a monthly event for the time being.

Workshop series: In addition to the Showraiser series, we’re currently planning out a semi-series of music related workshops. We’ll be bringing in expert guest speakers to tackle various topics anything from booking 101, to how to navigate local radio, to addressing social issues within the music community. All of these events will be free and open to the public.

Partnerships: We’ve developed and are continuing to develop community partnerships. We currently have an internship program through ULowell for those interested in doing some local music journalism while receiving college credit. We’ve also been partnering with Boston’s WGBH for their Monthly Mix Series (latest one found here). We’ve also got some plans ahead to bring you some cool events with Emo Night Boston as well as the Boston Music Awards.

Advertising: We’re currently exploring ways to allow some basic advertising on the site so long as it fits our mission statement of promoting the local music community. We’re hoping to avoid traditional banner ads and instead may opt to do write-ups to spotlight local music business we think you’d genuinely want to know more about. Local recording studios, record stores, venues, etc. are just important to a music scene as any band/artist is so we’re trying to find methods which could be mutually beneficial to everyone.

We’re not a perfect site/organization and we’ve certainly experienced various growing pains and obstacles.  However, we’re continuing to strive to improve and as you can see from above, there’s a lot more behind the scenes work happening beyond just the news and reviews articles.

– Joel Gray (Editor-in-Chief)