Snowhaus – Flic My Bic (music video)

Blue skies, open air, and animals bigger than an average human accompany shred-boys, Snowhaus, in a music video release for their song “Flic My Bic”. This track captures the bracing feel of colder seasons with brisk lyrical patterns and a pounding groove and wraps it all up in good, clean fun.

The song itself is relatively straightforward; it’s cheerful without being too innocent. The chorus opens up and booms like thunder en route. There’s room to mellow out and breathe before rising to speed in the bridge section and then zooming on out. Overall, it’s pretty dang tight with some really unique anomalies. One interesting slip from the song’s base is frontman Nathan Galloway’s articulation of the line “fight fire with fire, do you need a lighter?”. Unlike anywhere else in the song, the syllables seem to trip over themselves in a deep, melodic swing superimposed over the rest of the rhythm, akin to a brief Bootsy Collins descant. Another cool gem is the descending triplet guitar lick matched to the line “under the covers with you”. This line is a really tasteful way of adding a bit of sonic flair. It’s also demonstrative of other guitar nuances that color the track when paired with the echo of Andrew Ring’s rolling drums and the smooth, low-end layer of the band’s newest member, Nick Capezzuto.

Starting with simple choreography that can be mimicked by most humans, the video spirals into a collection of seemingly random ingredients that no sane individual would expect to find in the same room…or…field, I guess? I’m talking flamingos, I’m talking vintage furs and foil teeth. Louboutins may very well fit for the next go-round. One thing I really enjoyed about the video was the grainy quality that director, Deadmall, applied to shooting the clip. Gritty texture allows me the video to hearken back to memories of making home movies.

Goofing off, letting loose, perhaps imitating things I had seen on MTV (which would TOTALLY include breaking it down next to humongous vehicles); but all around, having fun. And that’s really what seems to be at the heart of this track – shedding light on how free it feels to just have fun. You can tell from the trio’s energy, how organic and light-hearted it is. Be it fun with friends or romantic interests; wholesome or indecent, each time I catch Snowhaus live, I’m reminded that fun plays a big part in any complete definition of success. My ideas of success tend to morph from ambitions into dreary obligations. My to-do lists overly saturated with having to hit deadlines, having to make the most of everything, having to go the farthest. Recounting real pleasures, even as simple liking someone, “Flic My Bic” brings the word “success” right back down to Earth.