Lowell Gets Ready to Rumble!

The 2019 Rock & Roll Rumble bands have been announced and we’re happy to report the Greater Lowell region will be well represented this year. SkyTigers, blindspot, and Corner Soul have all been invited to participate in the annual competition deservedly so. Before we dive head first into the contenders, first a little history about the Rock & Roll Rumble in case you’re not familiar.

The Rumble aka “The World Series of Boston Rock” has been an established competition going as far back as 1979. It’s been run by the Boston Emissions radio program and previously co-sponsored by the now defunct WBCN, the Boston Phoenix, and for a short while by WZLX. This year, the Rumble is hosted by a fully independent Boston Emissions hosted with Anngelle Wood who has been hosting the Rumble over the past decade.

A lot of notable bands have played the Rumble and the list is far too large to type out, but you can check out the full list and history of the event on its Wikipedia page here. Some notable Lowell area bands include The Shods, Piebald, The Color and SoundIdle Pilot, Western Education, and the list goes on and on. Even recent winners Carissa Johnson and the Cure Alls and Worshipper both have at least some members from the Merrimack Valley.

Here’s a breakdown of who is representing the Mill City region this year.



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SkyTigers fuse together a style of music that is enough metal for any metalhead to enjoy, yet enough punk to lay possible genre claim. No matter who the judge, if they’re into fast or heavy, they are going to love SkyTigers. Because frankly they’re great at both. In addition, SkyTigers are no strangers to the music scene. These players have not only been in active as SkyTigers for quite some time, they’ve also been in previous active bands with an array of show experience to draw from. One small x factor not to be overlooked is, Brian is a great front-man who can be quite witty with random stage banter. They’ll make you laugh, then they’ll tear your face off with the next song making you wonder what the hell happened.



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One thing that blindspot does unapologetic is be a pop rock band. Let’s not forget what pop is short for … popular. Blindspot is very good at writing catchy hooks and their stage performance is second to none. There are reasons why they’ve been able to accomplish such feats. Alexa and Chris have both studied music professionally and take their craft quite seriously. In addition, their willingness to tour to places far and away than most locals would be willing has given them road experience which will come in handy. One x factor that comes to mind is how they’ll handle the drumming situation. Sometimes they play with an extra third person, sometimes not. Personally, I find them best when they bring in a drummer so Chris can work his guitar and keys magic rather than remain trapped of sort behind the kit. However they handle it, I have no doubt, they’ll have a plan, it will be executed, and it will be executed well.


Corner Soul

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In today’s day and age you don’t see a lot of glam rock but Corner Soul brings its own modern version and boy has it been updated. Corner Soul’s music and live performances bring a style that is part rock and part dance party. With such a formula, it’s no wonder why their shows always seem to draw well because everyone is having a blast. Tom O’Donnell who fronts the band has a way of stealing the show; however, he has made sure to surround himself with a cast of serious talent. While it’s never easy to predict what judges will think, our prediction is the attending audience will bite and judges could be persuaded by the positive crowd reaction.

For the complete list of bands participating and show dates, visit:

www.rockandrollrumble.com or www.facebook.com/RockandRollRumble

– Joel Gray

Photos by Fuel Heart Productions, SkyTigers, and Alex Prak