Review: Girl Scout Cookies – Out Of My Head

Fresh off a year of countless shows and already having released a full length prior, Girl Scout Cookies have returned with arguably their strongest release to date.

This time releasing a 6 song EP with smooth production and cohesive songwriting, you can tell this band is not only growing up but growing as a band. While hard to exactly pigeonhole their genre, Girl Scout Cookies’ indie influences shine right through and keep it interesting as the EP changes course many times throughout.

Hailing from the Tewksbury area, GSC has slowly become a mainstay in the local music circuit known for their passionate performances. While their earlier output was good, Out Of My Head truly brings the spirit of a live show to the listener. The vocals are very emotional yet contained and really make for a powerful delivery. It reminds me of Piebald in some spots which is a compliment in my eyes. After doing research, the production of the record was done by Evan Doherty (of local band Coalter) and his work with GSC is one that deserves kudos. The whole record bleeds together in the best way possible and lets Girl Scout Cookies shine in their latest release.

Overall, GSC has delivered an awesome follow-up to their full length from earlier this year. With their newfound direction and not to be missed live shows, this will be a band to keep on your radar going into 2019.

– Troy Nicholson 

Recommended Songs: “Out Of My Head” / “Lauren”