Review: Phil Cambra & the Space Cadets – “Heavy Fantasies”

Before listening to Phil Cambra & the Space Cadets‘ new single “Heavy Fantasies” I had never considered what a heavy fantasy was, nevertheless what it would be like. But, after listening to it, I find myself trying to recall moments in my life where I’ve had my own heavy fantasies, and can connect those instants with the exact mood and feel of this new “space pop” bop.

Phil Cambra & the Space Cadets take the listener into the vast depths of the universe. The out of this world guitar licks, the bass grooves that move among the stars, and the killer alto saxophone solo that ends the song with a big bang make this single not only extremely original, but also incredibly enjoyable. If the catchy melody and all of the enticing musical aspects aren’t enough, the lyrics are sure to grab your attention and take you for a ride. Cambra sings lines such as “You are the reason I can’t get out of bed” a feeling and a situation I know I have personally experienced. The song captures the listener for a plethora of reasons, the biggest one being: it’s immensely relatable.

Cambra and the Cadets are able to capture the feelings of being completely infatuated with someone, along with all the good and bad that comes with it. The musical components follow the good: bubbly melody with chord changes and patterns that make you want to dance, while the lyrics follow the bad: being so enchanted with someone that you can’t get yourself to even leave your bed- but the entire time you’re there you just can’t stop thinking about them. This song is sure to have you grooving, all while thinking about your secret (or not so secret) fantasy.

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– Shae Carter