Western Education – Coat of Arms (video drop)

21st-century disco-busters, known formally as Western Education, have teamed up with cinematic journeyman Aviv Marotz to birth a visual concept for their latest release, “Coat of Arms”.

Smooth tenor vocals alongside catchy guitar licks ride up front while Will Hunt and Devin Vaillancourt provide classy fills, rough growls, and other rhythmic nuances to balance out the mix. While the video does not feature anything particularly substantial for a metaphor or a narrative, Marotz certainly flexes his sense of production value. Using dynamic lighting, stellar camera filters, and psychedelic transition sequences, Marotz delivers a video with unprecedented production quality.

There’s a superfluous amount of band exposure featured here, which is definitely something to consider when drawing up schemes for the next music video, but don’t let that deter you! W.E.’s music sports lush layers in an ambient, dreamy style that is all their own. The band is also made up of some extremely handsome, extremely cool human beings…actually really cool….too cool for the fall season. Coat. Get them a coat. Check the video, find a coat to grab for them. Stat. 

~ Luke Pelletier