Review: JoE GriZzLy – The Future

One of the busiest hip hop acts in New England have returned with a new album showing why they are relevant in the present as well as the future.

The Fitchburg based duo, JoE GriZzly which is comprised of MCs Shotyme, J. Jordan the Architect with in house spinner DJ Menace have been a staple in the area for the past few years in the underground rap circles. Known for their high energy live shows, they have been able to shift that energy to their latest record, “The Future”.

With a great opening track that really sets the mood for the record to follow, “The March” introduces both MCs to the listener through a slow beat with heavy drums. One of many highlights to the record is the production value and overall production of songs. Every song on the album brings something different to the table but overall, it just sounds huge with a lot of attention to detail. Many songs contain horns, background singers, and always something to keep you interested. This really helps Shotyme and J. Jordan shine as both their escentric styles fit the music perfectly.

The record has some of the best wordsmith work we’ve heard to date from Shotyme and J. Jordan with both consistently going off on each track and bringing their brand of energy to every song. Touching many bases on current issues from the haunting “Bill Cosby” to the bouncy title track, this record not only makes you bang your head but also use it.

Overall, the latest release from JoE GriZzly is another solid entry to their diverse catalog. It’s great to have new music from a hip hop act that never seems to be quiet for long and always on a stage. The music is progressive with the current state of hip hop and the delivery goes for the throat (and ear) of the listener. Count me in if this is the future.

– Troy Nicholson

Recommended tracks: “Jesus Piece” – “The Future” – “Megalon”

For more info visit: www.facebook.com/JoeGrizzly978