The OK House is More Than Just Ok

It’s the most widely known secret of the Lowell music scene. It’s the thing Allston lays the most claim to but Lowell sneakily follows not too far behind. I guess that makes Lowell basement shows the underground of the underground in a way. For many years, Lowell has been the home several such “venues” often coming and going but not without leaving their mark of memorable music performances for both musicians and audience in attendance.

While some may cater to the ULowell crowd, others to niche groups, the OK House quietly (well, enough keep the neighbors happy anyway) and steadily provides a wonderful pitstop for some of the more eccentric touring and locals bands.

The OK House makes themselves clear that they are not a collective nor a punk house. They’re also past the college age of occasional irresponsibility and will be ticked off if you make a mess in their living room if welcomed into their home to watch some performances. However, they do very much want people to see the bands and acts they host in a noble effort to pro-actively support music and the arts.

At time when some of the more prominent basement venues have quieted down during times of transitions, the OK House carries the proverbial Olympic torch and invites local music lovers to see a band they are quite excited to host, The Emotron. They’ll be supported by Baylie’s Band, UnderwearScrape Tenshi, and    locals Nerves & Fir.

As usual, if you want to know the location you’re going to have to “ask a punk” (Though the OK House makes it clear they’re not much of a “punk house”).

Event Page: Here

– Joel Gray