Featured Show: Keep Safe Boston

Saturday, August 18th is a night you should spend in Lowell, MA. Keep Safe Boston is releasing another stellar digital compilation featuring local loves like The Only Things and Boston natives Phenomenal Sun, Mister Vertigo, as well as Leesa Coyne & Chad Raleigh of Lonely Leesa & The Lost Cowboys.

KSB’s goal is to enrich the Lowell area with community touchstones, aimed at cultivating musical opportunities to ignite compassion and raise awareness on multiple issues. KSB’s goal through the past few years has encapsulated establishing healthy community bounds, primarily through grieving over tradegy. This year’s support of EveryTown for Gun Safety, KSB’s 2018 digitial compilation will benefit this charity through education and testimony. EveryTown for Gun Safety is a non-profit organization centered around gun control advocacy and ending gun violence.

Hosted at Lowell’s own UnchARTed Gallery, a night of auditory joy is to be had for all! With a $5 entry fee, you’re benefiting a local charity and are welcome to local provisions sourced by one of Lowell’s unique cafe-style kitchens. Their malleable business model allows for an intersectional take on art and music, giving way to a palpable creative atmosphere. Enjoy a slice of pizza and a craft beer, if that’s your thing!

It’s an all ages show, with 21 and uppers welcome to drink. Doors are at 8:00, music starts at 9:00 PM, sharp! The digital compilation will be ready for download on August 17th!

This event is proudly sponsored by The Lowell Spin & Anngelle Wood Media.

Event page: Here

Alyssa Aileen Vautier