5 Questions For: Edward Brandon Jr. of JTTCOTC & Cursed Boxes

Hidden beneath the hordes of indie, punk, and garage bands that thrive in Lowell is a potently abrasive experimental noise scene, one that’s only quiet in the humbleness with which it presents itself. Innumerable artists and bands performing everything from classic, atmospheric industrial music, to the harshest of harsh noise walls. A scene like this is full of eccentrics and weirdos, and one of the weirdest in the Lowell noise scene today is Edward Brandon Jr., a veteran of the genre, a regular booker of events and shows, the mad scientist mind behind beatbox/noise-looping project Journey To The Center Of The Colon, and half of the experimental duo Cursed Boxes. Now we at The Lowell Spin subject him to…5 QUESTIONS FOR EDWARD BRANDON JR.

1. What’s the last GREAT album you’ve recently listened to?

Instinct by Snowbeasts. (Another regular of the modern Lowell noise scene.)

2. What band or artist would you most like to share a bill with?

For a band I’d say Abstinence. For an artist I’d say Adam Matta.

3. What passions and hobbies do you follow outside of music?

I love comedy and I very much enjoy sculpting with aluminum foil. I’m an avid reader of books on history, languages, and world cultures. I also love being out in nature and hiking.

4. What’s the one thing about the music scene as a whole you’d like to change?

Here in MA especially, I would like to see more mixing and cross pollination between the different underground scenes. I find people tend to get stuck in their own musical comfort zone/can be loath to check out other genres. As someone whose style is an amalgam of literally everything I’ve listened to over the years, I think mixing different genres and blurring the line between them is a wonderful thing.

5. When you hear a song/album for the first time, do any mental or physical things happen that make you say “YEAH, THIS IS A SONG JUST FOR ME, THEY MADE IT JUST FOR ME!!!?”
This question comes from the previous 5 Questions interviewee Angela Bruce.

I get goosebumps. The hairs on my arms stand on end. I feel a somewhat electric wave come over me, from my head out to my arms, torso & legs.

– Lee Martin

Listen to Cursed Boxes‘ live performance on Voidstar Production’s High Voltage Circumcision Show on WZBC Here.

Journey To The Center Of The Colon‘s debut album is set to be released this summer through Voidstar Productions.