Review: Sechion – In the Making

“In the Making”: A Walk Through Sechion’s Shoes

Honesty is something many musicians aspire to achieve. Very often fidelity comes in the form of expressing negative experiences—songwriters are often inspired by negative experiences to transform them into song. Yet, with Sechion’s newest EP, In the Making, the listener gets a more holistic, and altogether more honest, depiction of an artist’s life.

The proof is in the pudding. The first track, “One on One”, is an exploration into the duality of Sechion’s internal experiences. The first verse depicts a person on the top of their game, bursting with inner strength, and altogether at ease with the loneliness of that strength:

“I’m the city’s best of, we don’t need no compilation,

I’m the city’s best, point blank end of conversation,

I ain’t entertaining nothing, went through the trials,

And I came out a better man,

Went through the fire and I came out Valyrian,

They looking at me like I’m an alien,

I really am… one of one.”

Then, after the chorus, the song turns into a meditation on regrets reaped from forging one’s own path, from questioning his own family loyalties, to drug abuse, and many things in between. The opposite side of personal inner strength—either things left behind or some kind of resulting isolation—make “One of One” a journey through jubilation, guilt, and reflection.

It should also be noted here that Sechion makes specific mention of Ohana Media, a local music production company, and his own brother Luteh:

“It’s an Ohana thing, that Potent Po shit,

Luteh got me stuck off that potion,

If you sittin’ at my table

You gunna be gettin’ a portion…”

These, and other drops, give In the Making a sense of locality, something that—and this truly comes from my own perception of the release—confirms and reinforces its honesty. Throughout are references to Lowell and the circumstances from where he comes that makes Sechion’s EP, in my opinion, another chapter in the city’s identity. He not only brings the darker sides of himself into his art, but the surroundings that shaped him—unabashed, shameless, and within a high-fidelity scope of self reflection.

In terms of sound, there’s not a stitch loose throughout all of In the Making. The richness and depth of the bass—coupled with searingly precise beats and novel atmospheric backing tracks—bring the power of Ohana’s production chops to the fore. As someone who doesn’t typically listen to hip-hop, I found myself drawn to the depth and clarity of the music, something which should not go ignored should you listen.  

All in all, In the Making is an affirming release by one of Lowell’s premier hip-hop acts. Much like the famously poetic legacy of Lowell, Sechion gives us an inner profile of himself. One doesn’t have to be a hip-hop fan to appreciate what In the Making has to offer—one can’t help but feel that you truly know the artist, perhaps over one of Luteh’s expertly-crafted cocktails or carefully-considered whiskeys, however you take it. – Al Gentile 

For more info on Sechion visit: www.facebook.com/Sechion