Premiere: Phil Cambra & the Space Cadets “Fixation”

Phil Cambra & the Space Cadets are an indie pop/rock group based out of Lowell, MA. The group formed after songwriter, Phil Cambra embarked on a solo project in the spring of 2017. Cambra’s desire to start a new act came from the need to explore a sound stylistically different than his other project, The Fall Is Shorter Than You Think. Cambra found the sound he was looking for after being joined by bassist Marcel Damiano and drummer Brown Bloniarz in the summer of 2017. The band began performing together shortly after and have been recording and writing since.

The band’s first single, “Fixation” rings clearly with the sound Cambra was looking for: a dreamy pop rock track that’s a fuller and groovier version of the song that he originally performed solo almost a year ago. The lyrics, based on a former love interest, describe an all too relatable state of disenchantment that occurred after Cambra realized his crush, “really couldn’t care less about [me].” Although most of the song is upbeat and danceable, the slower, gentler outro comes almost as a shock, encapsulating the disappointing realization that Cambra sings of throughout the song. The softer melody washes over you, much like the realization that a love was not meant to be, giving listeners a taste of what Cambra sounded like a year ago. Although the song works as a softer, solo piece, Bloniarz’ and Damiano’s parts help to fully convey the range of emotions that Cambra writes of.

Phil Cambra & the Space Cadets next show is on May 4th at Uncharted Gallery in Lowell, where they’ll be performing on the first night of Rock ‘n’ Lowell Fest, hosted by The Lowell Spin.

– Brie Bulliner Durant