Jim’s Sh*tty Show Review: UnchARTed 4/5/18

Looking for a deep analysis of music? Craving those beautifully crafted descriptions? Look elsewhere on our site for that. Jim goes to shows. He has thoughts and these are them. 

Sometimes, you go to a show on a weekday. Like, it’s a Thursday? And you think to yourself, “man yeah it’s a Thursday. I’ve got work in the morning, and so does everyone else. So I get it. But I wish there were more people at this Thursday night show because it’s sick.” Well would you ever have guessed, based on how this started out, that THIS was one of those nights?

Kid Widow: It was their first show, and their best so far. So good, hot riffs, and Ben did metal hair and made himself dizzy and fell over.

Arlen: They’re great like they always are. I realized tonight that sometimes (BUT NOT ALL OF THE TIME) Paul Kenny’s voice sounds like Michael Stipe and to me that’s a compliment.

State of the Union: I’d never heard them before and they were good. Rock and roll, and I wrote “these guys” at first and had to go back and change it to “them” CAUSE IT WASN’T JUST DUDES.

I feel the need to clarify, this wasn’t a sparsely-attended show. But I’ve seen more people at a show on a Thursday night, and tonight should’ve been one of those nights. Cause I liked it. You know when you feel that way about a show? That was this one. – Jim Warren

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