Jim’s Sh*tty Show Review: The Worthen 3/2/18

Looking for a deep analysis of music? Craving those beautifully crafted descriptions? Look elsewhere on our site for that. Jim goes to shows. He has thoughts and these are them. 

You know when you get home, and your TV is still on, with Netflix cycling through stills of the shows it wants you to watch, and you say out loud “oh my god, I left it on?” Tonight was one of those nights. I guess the Worthen doesn’t suck and isn’t blacklisted anymore as a place to play.

So there was a show, and I went to the show. It was a good show. It was Ricky Business, Giant in the Lighthouse, and Phil Cambra and the Space Cadets.

Here’s what I have to say about Ricky Business: He was great by himself and used two guitars and one of them didn’t work so good but he figured it out with effects and one time an autotune!

Giant in the Lighthouse: They were really quiet and it was weird, like Peggy used a ukulele and acoustic guitar and Adrian just had floor tom and snare. But it was still good and they played a bunch of new songs.

Phil and the Space-O’s: They were quiet too but did a good job at sounding like themselves which is different and cool. Lowell doesn’t sound like that BUT THAT SOUNDS LIKE LOWELL if you know what I am saying; I hope you know what I am saying.

Great show, I wish it was louder and am glad there are shows at the Worthen again. Listen to all of these guys. – Jim Warren

For more info on Ricky Business: https://rickybusiness.bandcamp.com

For more info on Giant in the Lighthouse: https://www.facebook.com/giantinthelighthouse

For more info on Phil Cambra and the Space Cadets: https://philcambra.bandcamp.com