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5 Questions For: Eric Cline of The Only Things

Chugging guitars, driving beats, and high-energy sung/shouted choruses frequently featuring sing-along melodies. These should remind you of your favorite pop-punk band with a working class bent, but it also describes The Only Things. We caught up with Eric Cline, the Lowell act’s bassist/vocalist with a couple of queries. We’re intent on getting some answers for…5 QUESTIONS FOR ERIC CLINE.

  1. What’s the last GREAT album you’ve recently listened to?

When you say “great album” I take that to mean a record that has me blown away from start to finish, not just a group of singles but a full album as a unified collection. I rarely listen to music on shuffle. I have always loved hearing the whole story of the artist. I wish I could say that it’s something recent, and that’s not to say that there haven’t been great things coming out, but I need to go with my first thought, which is “LP” by the band RVIVR. They are from Olympia, WA. It’s my go-to record whenever I need a boost. It’s so raw and honest. I wish they came to Boston more.

  1. What band or artist would you most like to share a bill with?

All of the bands that come to mind are no longer together. The Weakerthans, Drexel, the Lot Six… I’m not sure I could name just one. We just love playing shows. I would love to play with any band that could expand our audience.

  1. What passions and hobbies do you follow outside of music?

I like to tinker with electronics. I’ve built a lot of my own recording equipment. Some DIY kits, some from scratch. I have a small home studio and use a lot of it to record/mix The Only Things records.

  1. What’s the one thing about the music scene as a whole you’d like to change?

More beer tickets. Is it really so hard to get the bands some free beer? Does it really cost the venue that much? I’ve played venues that are packed because of the bands, and when I asked the owner if the bands were getting any free beers he laughed in my face. I’m not saying the bands deserve all the credit for the successful show, obviously it wouldn’t be possible without the venue, but you can’t spare a few fucking beers?

  1. What advice do you have for people who are trying to start their own music project?

(This question comes from the previous 5 Questions interviewee Jess Hall of oldsoul: Here)

Practice. Practice. Practice. Find someone that might have a different back ground that compliments you. And just have fun. If it’s not fun and makes you happy, why bother.

 – Lee Martin 

The Only Things’ music, as well as event dates, can be found at their BandCamp , or check out their Facebook page for further news and information:



The Only Things will be releasing their new full-length “Dandelion” in early March.

Eric Cline also does mixing and recording as Bleeding Ear Audio:


Featured Photo by Coleman Rogers Photography