Inspector 34 Release News/Sneak Peak

The Lowell music scene is a beautiful cornucopia of punks, hipsters, weirdos, burn-outs, and noise-makers that contains a certain class of artist where if they were removed from the scene it would completely change everything. Jimm Warren is one such artist. A veteran alumni of WUML and a fixture of the area, leaving his mark through Lowell Spin favorites like Squash, Table Trash, and perhaps his longest running project Inspector 34, which began as a quirky, solo acoustic act, and has since evolved into a full band, performing eccentric, fuzzed-out jams that harken back to all the best moments of Pavement, or a heavier, more distorted Violent Femmes.

That specific blend of indie rock weirdness is on full display on Warren and his band’s upcoming compilation with a mouthful of a title; You Think That Is A Secret, But It Never Has Been One. More than a mere b-sides/rarities collection, the album compiles remastered and remixed versions of 10 tracks, all ones that have appeared on multi-band compilations. The end result is a 34-minute barrage of lo-fi chaos, frequently shifting in moods, from free-wheeling and irreverent to paranoid and neurotic. There’s even a selection of covers as well, featuring Inspector 34 putting their fuzz-laden spin on tracks by Neutral Milk Hotel, Daniel Johnston, and even local freak folk artist Frank Hurricane.

Enjoy this sneak peek of the upcoming collection from Inspector 34, with two tracks from YTTIASBINHBO that have both appeared on compilations from the New England artist collective #WANT, the original track “Terrified” and Polaris cover “Hey Sandy.” – Lee Martin


YTTIASBINHBO release date is February 7th. 

Release show details can be found: Here

For more info on Inspector 34, visit their Facebook page: www.facebook.com/Inspector34