Review: Idle Pilot – “Lead Head Fred”

Lowell’s Idle Pilot dropped a new single a month ago. Lead Head Fred is a sonic adventure, twisting and turning, starting and stopping, and telling an almost six minute story of Fred. The track starts off slow, as Fred walks home from work. The music – slow, low, and steady – makes the listener feel like they are actually walking with the protagonist from his dead end job. The song builds into a beautiful chaos when Fred realizes something is wrong. The lyrical style reminds me of some of my personal favorite artists: The Protomen, and a little bit of Slint, as well. The music changes as Fred’s mood changes, and the song really sounds and feels alive. I’ve been a fan of Idle Pilot since before they were called Idle Pilot (the band was formerly known as Currents), and this song truly shows that these guys are in a class of their own, straddling genres and styles with ease, and leaving the listener wanting more and more.

– Ryan Sunderland